Our integrated healthcare center network covers all stages, from prevention, diagnostics and health management to emergencies, critical or palliative care.

In total, more than 8.000 health centers located in more than 850 cities worldwide.

We have our own network of third and fourth level hospitals, comprehensive medical centers for outpatient care, dental clinics, diagnostics centers, ophthalmological surgery, diagnostic imaging units, network of clinical laboratories, pathology laboratories, optical stores and pharmacies, all streamlined for a comprehensive, personalized and multidisciplinary approach.

Our service model, with highly skilled staff, state-of-the-art technology and modern facilities, has enabled us to attain the highest levels of satisfaction among our users and broad international recognition for our primary care model.


Centros de salud

Health centers

The Comprehensive Medical Center constitutes the main differentiation feature of our medical center network.


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Equipamiento y operatividad hospitalaria

Hospital Operation and Equipment

35 years of experience in operating and equipping medical centers makes Sanitas Internacional a proven option to accomplish effective and efficient operations of healthcare infrastructure. 

Laboratorio y diagnóstico

Laboratory and Diagnostic

Our network includes routine laboratories and specialized laboratories to provide a high quality service.

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Clínicas dentales

Dental clinics

Our dental stores provide the latest technology for teeth health.

Centros ópticos

Optical stores

We include a wide network of optical stores for optometry attention.